Exploring Africa's Wildlife And Wild Places

A Serengeti Safari brings peace and wildlife action



The enormous beauty of the Serengeti stars in countless films and shows – Serengeti Rules on PBS is a recent example.  The Great Migration itself is on innumerable bucket lists, and the marvelous landscapes, Maasai culture and abundant wildlife make this a year-round destination.  Despite its fame, crowds aren’t a given.  There’s room for just you and the herds.

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Africa Tours that Reveal Exceptional Art and Music

Visual arts; Maasai dancing; the mesmerizing rhythms of drums, jazz, kwaito; sculpture gardens; and splendid UNESCO World Heritage sites: Africa’s music and art is boundless. And it’s not confined to museums and concert halls. Our Africa tours, including Incredible Africa, our private jet expedition, take you to cultural sites carved into the landscape itself. Imagine: a vast, outdoor classroom to explore.

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Find Your Favorite Animal in Africa


On safari, a healthy dose of luck is always welcome. But to lay eyes on the iconic animals of your dreams, it’s best to find out which locations in Africa they most prefer. Bushtracks Trip Planners have unbeatable knowledge of the best game-viewing areas – and the luxury custom safaris to match.


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Go your own way: Find your ideal travel style

As you know so well, no two individuals are alike. Just like African countries, actually – and safaris. The diversity of exceptional experiences to be had on the continent, in both cities and deep wilderness, is simply staggering. Here’s our go-to guide to finding your own travel style.

Two Bushtracks Expeditions travelers looking out across an expansive view of African wild lands

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Find a home where the wildebeest roam: An African Safari

It’s dawn in Africa, and light is creeping across the enormous sky. This magical hour, when predators head home and birdsong erupts from every tree, marks the start of the safari day. We’d like to invite you to come along, so you can build memories in Africa and treasure your unique Bushtracks safari experience.


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The Romance of Solo Travel

Traveling solo is one of life’s true luxuries. A stretch of time entirely devoted to following one’s own heart and interests is enormously liberating. And when Bushtracks Expeditions has planned every detail of your safari and is with you every step of the way, comfort and safety are guaranteed.

Photo of a Woman on a solo safari

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In the Bag: Packing made easy with Bushtracks

Thought choosing a safari destination was tricky?  Wait until you try and get all your gear into a bag that is small, light and soft enough to fit into your light aircraft that will buzz you into the African wilds!  Happily, every Bushtracks Expeditions traveler gets a custom-made travel bag to turn this onerous task into child’s play.


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Surprise your loved one with the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Let one of our Bushtracks concierge travel planners help you design the ultimate romantic safari for your loved one. We’ll even help prepare a beautifully wrapped gift in safari packaging and Fedex it to your door to arrive by February 14th!

Gift Box Safari

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I had a jet in Africa....

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Victoria Falls Is Not Dry


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Simien Mountains National Park and Limalimo Eco-Lodge – Jewels of the Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopia is Africa’s “country apart”: it has it’s own unique people; they have their own language (Amharic); a written history dating back to at least the time of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba; and they follow an archaic form of Christianity. To vacation there is like traveling back 1,000 years to Byzantium.


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The Rarest Zebra in Africa


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Bushtracks by Private Jet - See Our Expedition Photos from Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds

Bushtracks by Private Jet expeditions are incredible journeys that traverse the length of Africa in luxurious comfort, with many opportunities for enriching learning and lifetime experiences along the way.  This year's 'Lions, Tigers and Tradewinds' toured 7 countries in 24 days, hosted throughout by renowned ecologist Carl Safina.


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Our letter to you for the Holidays. Happy New Year!

Dear Friend,

This holiday season we are treasuring our 31-year journey, and look forward to sharing experiences of authentic and wild Africa for years to come.


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African Wildlife Foundation's Canines for Conservation Program

We found incredible videos that highlight African Wildlife Foundation’s Canines for Conservation program, so we made them the focus of today’s blog post.


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