Sneak Peek: Jackie Chan Stands Up for African Rhinos

By Liz Donahey | Feb 18

jackie-chan-african-rhinos-bushtracks-expeditionsSneak Peek: Jackie Chan Stands Up for African Rhinos

African Wildlife Foundation is excited to bring you an exclusive, first-look at our newest demand reduction PSA starring Jackie Chan and Spike the rhino. The PSA launched in London today, as international leaders gathered to discuss new measures to counter wildlife trafficking…and you’re the first to see it!

This latest demand reduction video is part of our Say No public awareness campaign, with partners WildAid and Save the Elephants, that includes the anti-ivory message we shared with you last month—along with celebrity PSAs, billboards, and advertisements featuring former NBA star Yao Ming and actresses Li Bingbing and Kristin Bauer. Help us ensure the survival of Spike’s rhino friends, and share this video with yours.

AUTHOR BIO | Liz Donahey

Formerly Bushtracks' Digital Marketing Manager Liz helped travelers navigate the often complex landscape of African travel by keeping www.bushtracks.com up to date and creating online communities where returning Bushtracks travelers can continue their adventures by learning more about Africa and connecting with others who love all things African.

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