Exploring Africa's Wildlife And Wild Places

The Best Places for Birding Safaris

Where are the best safari destinations for birding safaris that showcase Africa's spectacular avian diversity? Cape Town-based guest blogger David Bristow shares his top two favorites.


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There's another great migration in botswana

Cape Town-based Bushtracks' guest blogger David Bristow describes Africa's lesser-known great migration:  tens of thousands of zebra and more moving in search of water in northern Botswana.

Camp Kalahari horseback riding, Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve Botswana

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Insiders Tip: The Serengeti Migration in February and March

Bushtracks guest blogger and Africa travel expert David Bristow offers some good reasons why you may want to schedule your Serengeti migration safari for February or March: when people are few, and wildlife babies plentiful.


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Amazing Botswana Safari Photos from a 5 Time Bushtracks Traveler

Bushtracks traveler Larry William is just back from his 5th Bushtracks safari, this one in the company of his wife, daughter and teenaged granddaughter. Here he shares some stunning African wildlife photos taken in Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls, Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, and the Okavango Delta.

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2 New Custom African Safaris in Just-Published Brochure


Nothing says comfort and adventure like the beanbags and elephants on the cover of our latest African Safaris brochure! We invite you to sit back, relax and let us take you to Africa in ways you've never imagined, but which are just right for you. Inside you'll find two new trips you can customize for 2016, as well as travel advice and inspiration from Africa experts.

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2015 Africa by Private Jet Expedition Highlights

In August, Bushtracks President David Tett hosted an Africa by Private Jet expedition: exploring Africa's Great Rift Valley from the Kalahari to Ethiopia over 16 days with 25 travelers. Here David shares some of his photos and highlights from this extraordinary Africa by Private Jet program.

Bushtracks Africa by Private Jet, Ethiopia 

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5 African Rhino Facts to Celebrate World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day is September 22. Since 2010, concerned organizations and individuals worldwide have used this day to celebrate the world's 5 rhino species, and to raise awareness about the illegal horn trade. 
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Happy World Lion Day!

Over the past couple of weeks lions have been in the international spotlight. Lions are facing threats like never before. There are fewer than 35,000 lions left in the wild. The greatest threats facing them are loss of habitat and prey, and conflict with local people. In northern Kenya where Ewaso Lions works, we face this grave reality every day. Just two weeks ago, we lost two cubs from the Ngare Mara Pride.


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A New Serengeti Safari Lodge Designed for Families

We're excited to introduce a new way to experience the magnificent Serengeti. Just opened July 1st, 2015, Mkombe's House Lamai is the first and only true private house in the Serengeti National Park. Able to accommodate 10 guests, this contemporary house is set in the heart of one of the Serengeti's richest mammal habitats.


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African Lion Conservation and Ewaso Lions in Samburu

It's incredible how few people know that Africa's lions are disappearing. We hear a lot about the threats facing elephants and rhinos, but lions are quietly slipping away. Lions have declined by 90% in just the last 75 years. One of the main drivers is conflict with people, primarily over livestock depredation. When lions attack livestock, pastoralists may retaliate and kill lions.

Ewaso Lions, Lions Greeting

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5 Tips for Travel with Teens to Africa

Since I returned from a Southern Africa safari with my husband and 2 teens in June, we’ve fielded many questions from friends wanting to know what it’s like to travel with teens to Africa. In a nutshell: it was the most remarkable family vacation we've ever had, and an incredibly meaningful way to spend time together. 

Bushtracks Travel with Teens MalaMala

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7 Reasons You Can't Miss Our New Green Season Safaris

The secret is out! If you’re seeking lush landscapes filled with big game and predators, Green Season safaris -- which take place in Africa's summer -- are for you. We have 4 great, specially priced Southern Africa safaris to top destinations like the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert, Victoria Falls, Cape Town and Sossusvlei to help you discover this special time of year preferred by birders, photographers, and Africa insiders.


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New 2016 African Safaris Brochure Just Published

African Safaris 2016 Brochure

Inspire your next adventure with our just-published African Safaris 2016 brochure, featuring 8 proven-winner safaris you can customize around your dates, and number of travelers. Plus, insiders and experts offer tips on topics from photographing wildlife to conservation-focused lodges and summiting Sossusvlei's storied sand dunes.

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A Grand Adventure: Grandparents and Grandchildren on Safari

Bridging the generation gap--whether it is measured by miles, years or technology preferences--can be challenging for grandparents and grandchildren. One of the best ways to bring these two groups closer together is through a shared experience, such as a special vacation together.

Campbell Family on SafariOne of Bushtracks' travelers, Abby Campbell, is about to embark with her husband Leon on their third safari with their grandchildren, and shared her advice on how this can be a wonderful bonding experience.

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Ethiopia Travel: The Bale Mountains, a Place Like Nowhere Else

Bale Mountains view from Bale LodgeThe Bale Mountains are to Ethiopia what Alaska is to the contiguous USA: a world apart where everything found there is like nothing found anywhere else. Ethiopia itself is like nowhere else, a cultural island with its own language, religion and history that can be traced back to the time of the Queen of Sheba.

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