Exploring Africa's Wildlife And Wild Places

Staff Picks: Chimpanzee Trekking at Mahale

Samantha with hippos, Chada Katavi

Bushtracks expert safari planner Samantha Barbitta (pictured above at Katavi in front of a partially submerged hippo, not a boulder!) shares her fall 2016 safari to Katavi National Park and Mahale National Park, both in Tanzania. Among the many highlights of her adventure to these less-traveled destinations in Tanzania was the opportunity to go chimpanzee trekking in Mahale.

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Introducing our Newest Safari by Private Air for 2018

Three generations of the Tett family, Botswana 2016

I was born and raised in Africa along with my three brothers. We are now scattered across three different continents, which makes family reunions both challenging and rare. Choosing a location that makes everyone happy is key, and our extended family found that in Southern Africa on safari.

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Victoria Falls Activities: Dining with Elephants

Elephant Cafe, Victoria Falls

As far as we know, there is only one place in the world where the locavore and elephant conservation movements intersect: the Elephant Café upstream from Victoria Falls, which will celebrate its first year in July.

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Rare Safari Sighting: A Lunar Rainbow at Victoria Falls

 Lunar rainbow, Victoria Falls

The most remarkable thing you see on an African safari could be up in the night sky! Learn where and when to spot a lunar rainbow at Victoria Falls -- one of the few places in the world to see them.

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African Safari Tips: How to Get To Africa

International Flights Map-090196-edited.jpg

So, now that you've booked your African safari, how exactly are you planning to get there from the United States? These African safari tips address that very important question to help you calculate your total time away and costs.

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10 More Collective Nouns for African Animals


For those of us who love both words and animals, collective nouns --those anthromorphic and sometimes alliterative descriptions for groups of animals -- are an irresistable form of word play. Here are ten more for your amusement. 
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Safari Spoonful: Serengeti Quiche

 Lamai Serengeti, TanzaniaAfrican safari camps do a wonderful job catering to the tastes of American and European travelers with a constantly changing menu prepared in some of the most remotely placed kitchens on earth. This safari spoonful is an easy-to-make quiche I enjoyed after a morning game-drive at Lamai Serengeti.

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Serengeti Safari Six Ways: In our Travelers' Words

Serengeti safaris

Designing excellent custom African safaris means we spend a lot of time talking with guests before they embark on their adventures. But, we also listen when they get back, hearing trip highlights as we learn how we can further perfect our safaris. When it comes to explaining what makes a Serengeti safari so inspiring, our travelers certainly say it best. Their different experiences also show how custom safaris, even in the same region, can vary to address individual interests. 

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Serengeti Safari Sightings Month-by-Month

wildebeest stampede, Mara Plains

Savvy travelers planning their dream Serengeti safari want to visit at "the best time." So when exactly is that? The accurate (and somewhat maddening) response is, "it depends." The herds never pack up and leave the Serengeti ecosystem, but they do progress in a seasonal circuit, so your wildebeest-viewing experience varies depending on when you time your visit. However, resident wildlife can be found in abundance throughout the year.

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Why February to April is the Best Time to Visit Cape Town

Bushtracks specialist guide and guest blogger David Bristow explains what makes February to April the best time to visit Cape Town, and how to make the most of your visit.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Custom Safari Cost

Game Drive Wilderness Safaris

Words like custom, concierge and tailor-made have all been used to describe the type of safari we've been designing for over 25 years, and while they are all accurate, none expresses the fact that this type of safari can actually be more affordable than others because we design each one around your preferences, schedule and budget. When budget-conscious travelers call me, there are five ways I can reduce their overall custom safari cost.

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Featured Safari Camp: Linkwasha Camp



Talk about having it all! Linkwasha Camp, newly opened in summer 2015, is located on a private concession within Zimbabwe's largest national park, Hwange (3.4 million acres).

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Scenes From our 2016 Jerusalem to Cape Town by Private Jet Expedition

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, photographed by Jean Newman Glock

Travel writer Jean Glock traveled with David Tett, Jared Diamond, and 40 Bushtracks travelers on our Jerusalem to Cape Town by Private Jet Expedition, September 1-21, 2016. Here Jean shares her thoughts on exploring Jerusalem with their guides: one Israeli and one Palestinian.

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African Safari Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Bianchi family on safari

For the African safari aficionados or wildlife enthusiasts on your list here are ten of our favorite African safari gift ideas to either recall their time in Africa or inspire future travel. 

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Safari Spoonful: Amarula Dessert Recipe for the Holidays


Bushtracks Amarula Dessert Malva Pudding

Relive memories of your African safari -- or maybe inspire your next safari -- by sharing an African dish this holiday season. Learn how to make this delicious Amarula dessert and why it's uniquely South African. 

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