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Paul Thomson

Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson is the Managing Director of Ewaso Lions, a Kenyan nonprofit organization that conserves lions and other large carnivores by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife. He provides organizational oversight and management of Ewaso Lions' programs at every level. Paul has more than 10 years of professional experience in African wildlife conservation. Paul holds a BSc from University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources & Environment and received his Master's from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where his research focused on minimizing human-carnivore conflict. He divides his time between San Francisco and Kenya.

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Happy World Lion Day!

Over the past couple of weeks lions have been in the international spotlight. Lions are facing threats like never before. There are fewer than 35,000 lions left in the wild. The greatest threats facing them are loss of habitat and prey, and conflict with local people. In northern Kenya where Ewaso Lions works, we face this grave reality every day. Just two weeks ago, we lost two cubs from the Ngare Mara Pride.


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African Lion Conservation and Ewaso Lions in Samburu

It's incredible how few people know that Africa's lions are disappearing. We hear a lot about the threats facing elephants and rhinos, but lions are quietly slipping away. Lions have declined by 90% in just the last 75 years. One of the main drivers is conflict with people, primarily over livestock depredation. When lions attack livestock, pastoralists may retaliate and kill lions.

Ewaso Lions, Lions Greeting

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