Live from Africa: Samantha Reports from Kruger Southern

Bushtracks’ intrepid traveler and expert safari planner, Samantha Barbitta, is thankful for the wonderful African wildlife viewing opportunities she’s having on safari in Botswana and South Africa's Kruger Southern this week.
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Kenya Safaris and Our Morning with a Maasai Guide

Pictured left to right: Bush and Beyond's private guide, Jackson Looseyia in traditional Maasai dress, Lyn Lavery, Samantha Barbitta, Tierney Craig, Anna Kohtz, and Josh Perrett of Ekorian's Mugie Camp. Photo by Liz Bean, Bush and Beyond.  
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Namibia African Safari Destinations

DISCOVER NAMIBIA'S DESERT BEAUTY AND WILDERNESS SURVIVAL If you are searching for wide open spaces, wild deserts, ancient welwitschia plants and strange looking quiver trees, red sand dunes that are over 1,000 feet tall, the Big Five, innovative cheetah conservation projects, desert elephant, and Herero women who wear fantastic headdresses, then Namibia is for you. Flying over the red dunes of Sossusvlei, along the remote and rugged Skeleton Coast, and seeing colorful geological formations from the air also makes Namibia one of the most fantastic flight seeing countries on earth.
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Happy Holidays 2013 From Bushtracks

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What is an African Safari?

What is an African Safari? A safari /səˈfɑri is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists to Africa. Traditionally, the term is used for a big-game hunt, but today the term often refers to a trip taken not for the purposes of hunting, but to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife. There are some other things that a safari can be used for, such as hiking and sight-seeing. (Source: Wikipedia, 2013).
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Serengeti Migration African Safaris

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What is the Ngorongoro Crater?

What is the Ngorongoro Crater? The Ngorongoro is part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is a conservation ea and a UNESCO World Heritage Site located 180 km (110 mi) west of Arusha in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania.
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Top 10 Africa Safaris for 2013

Top 10 Africa Safaris for 2013 Find the perfect African safari that inspires you and your family. If it’s not exactly right, don’t worry, you can pull it into our Trip Builder and customize every aspect of the itinerary...change your accommodations, add or subtract nights and add new destinations. Your incredible adventure starts right here.
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December African Wildlife Fun Facts - Lions

Where do African lions live? Lions can be found in savannas, grasslands, dense bush, and woodlands of Africa.
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AWF Mourns Passing of Nelson Mandela

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Give Them the Holiday Gift of a Lifetime: A Luxury African Safari

Duba Plains Camp in the Okavanga Delta GIVE THEM THE HOLIDAY GIFT OF A LIFETIME - A LUXURY AFRICAN SAFARI David Tett, Owner, Bushtracks Expeditions, Healdsburg, CA - December 4, 2013 This holiday, give them an adventure of a lifetime with an African safari and watch their eyes light up with excitement and wonder. This unique and ultra-memorable gift will continue to give new perspective on the world that will serve throughout their lives. Search for the Big Five game in a thrilling game reserve. Fly over stunning Victoria Falls in a helicopter, or over the edge of the vast green oasis of the Okavango Delta in the Kalahari Desert. Photograph unparalleled landscapes only seen in books or movies. Explore rich wildlife in open four wheel-drive vehicles. End the excitement of the day and ease into evening reminiscing by the campfire with your loved ones in the comfort of your private lodge. Bushtracks' luxury African safaris become the perfect gift especially when you start with one of our recommended top trips, then design and customize your itinerary to fulfill your specific interests and needs. South Africa & Botswana's Best Safari For a complete and breathtaking Southern Africa experience for you and your loved ones, I recommend the South Africa & Botswana's Best safari. Guests who travel this itinerary are consistently thrilled with their experience. The diversity of game-viewing habitats makes for a particularly inspiring safari. MalaMala Camp is one of our favorite places in all of Africa. The wildlife is abundant and the camp staff has a talent for creating the perfect atmosphere in which to experience nature in comfort. Victoria Falls is indescribable. It is a must-see stop on any trip to Southern Africa. The Okavango Delta has become one of the top safari destinations in Africa. This inland river delta is a huge wildlife draw, with wetlands, dry savanna and wild animals beyond belief. I am personally passionate about this trip because it starts at MalaMala in the greater Kruger National Park, where it engages kids, teens, parents, and grandparents with the best game viewing in the world. The Big Five are up close and personal. The MalaMala rangers also have age appropriate field activities that get the kids fully engaged tracking buffalo, walking in the bush and examining the smaller things, catching bugs and butterflies, and much more. Then they fly to a World Heritage Site – the Victoria Falls - and the big river environment of the Zambezi. It's very different to the Kruger environment, and the optional activities include boating on the river, riding African elephants, white water rafting, spas, shopping, or having tea on an island that sits on the lip of the Falls. The last stop is another World Heritage Site being the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Here, golden grasslands meet the blue flood waters of the Okavango river that is a back drop to wild Africa. Big cats hunt herds of buffalo and game viewing is active and includes game drives, night drives, boat excursions, and walking safaris. In summary, all ages from 7 to 70’s are in the field together, engaging with some of the best game viewing in the world, through a range of different activities, and three very distinct and contrasting ecosystems full of wild animals. It does not get better, as our travelers keep telling us. In Our Travelers' Words As my wife Carolyn and I prepare for another family trip to Africa this holiday, it makes us acutely aware of how important and valuable the time is that we have to spend together. The sentiment remains true with our past travelers, who return from their trips a closer bond and understanding of one another from through the adventures they've shared. One of our past travelers Sandi Passalasacqua, describes how her dreams of traveling finally came true. "As a very young girl, my passion for Africa was ignited through autobiographical books and novels depicting the history and wonders of Kenya; the Mara, Chyulu Hills, and specifically Mt. Kilmanjaro. I told my parents at the time, that 'Someday, I will walk out of a tent, and see Mt. Kilimanjaro! The years did not diminish the desire to realize that experience. That day finally came, 60 years later, when, in June of 2012, my dream was fulfilled, and was shared with my husband, children and grandchildren. The morning I stepped out of a tent in Campi Ya Kanzi and saw Mt. Kili rising majestically before me was truly an emotional moment. Anna Kohtz, one of our Africa travel specialists, just returned from her first trip to Africa where she traveled on an educational tour to the same destinations found in our "South Africa and Botswana's Best Safari" mentioned above. "As a first time traveler to Africa, I am still giddy with excitement when I think about my trip. So many people want to hear all about my experiences and as I spend time showing my pictures to family and friends, I can sum up my experience with one quote from my awestruck eleven year old daughter, 'Mom, you just have to take me there.' And you bet I will." Give them the gift of lasting memories and experiences this holiday season with a customized safari designed to amaze and inspire with the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation. Happy Holidays! Related articles On Safari in Southern Africa by Private Air (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) The Best of Zambia & Botswana Safari in Southern Africa (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) Africa News December 01, 2013 at 08:00AM (reflexecogroupafrica.wordpress.com) Traveling During the Thanksgiving Holiday 2013 (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) African Safari Trip Planning During Thanksgiving Dinner (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) How to get around on African safari (rohoyachui.wordpress.com) Best African Safaris for Families - 3 Major Life Events that Prompt a Family Vacation (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) Top Luxury Africa Safari Companies (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com) In Our Traveler... (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com)
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So Why Go To Africa?

So Why Go To Africa? For over 20 years we have passionately presented the idea of traveling to Africa, and described our safaris in a thousand ways. At Bushtracks, we know, without a doubt, it is a priceless experience because we were born and raised there. But Africa’s magic is hard to convey, particularly to those who have never been. So we turned to some of our travelers to see how they feel about their luxury African safari travel experiences, and why they decided to go. Many of them have been to Africa twice with us. Some have returned there 3 or 4 times, and one couple has been to Africa 13 times with Bushtracks and done our Cape to Casablanca private air safari twice! At the end of the day our travelers are most qualified to describe the African luxury safari experience, and they certainly say it best. Please click on their names below to read their stories: Eric Freidenrich Sandi and Tom Passalacqua Barbara and Jack Reding Bob and Shirley Sanderson
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What is the Arusha Coffee Lodge?

THE ARUSHA COFFEE LODGE An Aromatic and Sensory Experience for a Perfect Luxury Safari in TanzaniaLying on the gentling rolling foothills that cascade down from the ever-present Mount Meru is the bustling and vibrant town of Arusha. It is here on the outskirts of this town, hidden amongst one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations, that you will find Arusha Coffee Lodge, a perfect haven for relaxation either before or after any African safari. EXPLORATION OF EAST AFRICAN GRASSLANDS Take an African safari in some of eastern Africa's most famed wildlife destinations: the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park before heading to Kenya's Masai Mara, home to Kenya's largest predator population. Begin in Lake Manyara National Park where you can see tree-climbing lions, elephants and huge troops of baboons. Next stop is the legendary and breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater where the wildlife abounds followed by the Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti hosts the largest concentration of wildlife in the world, and is home to one of the great wonders in the world, the Great Migration. Your final visit will be in Kenya and the inspiring natural scenery of the heart of Africa's Great Plains, the Masai Mara and its unspoilt wilderness. The views across the rolling golden grasslands studded with acacia trees, rivers and forests are dazzling, the sense of space overwhelming. The exquisite Arusha Coffee Lodge is of the top destinations on Bushtrack's Best of Kenya and Tanzania Safari. Related articles Tanzania and Kenya - Luxury Africa Safari (bushtracksafricanexpeditions.wordpress.com)
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EXPERIENCE LUXURY AFRICAN SAFARIS WITH OUR "THE BEST OF TANZANIA & KENYA" EXPLORATION OF EAST AFRICAN GRASSLANDS Contact a Safari Expert a Travel Planning Consultation: 800-995-8698 or request a brochure here >> http://www.bushtracks.com/catalog
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