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African Wildlife Foundation's Canines for Conservation Program

by Bushtracks Expeditions
December 18, 2019

We found incredible videos that highlight African Wildlife Foundation’s Canines for Conservation program, so we made them the focus of today’s blog post.


African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) created Canines for Conservation to train and certify specialized dogs, and their trainers, to canvas main shipping areas and detect the scent of poachers’ products, such as ivory or rhino horns, that are intended for shipment to the poachers’ customers.  

Watch the two videos below:

AWF-Trained Dog Handlers from Botswana's Department of Wildlife and National Parks



Dogs Detect Ivory at Nairobi Airport - Canines for Conservation



During our Bushtracks by Private Jet expedition in 2020, ‘Incredible Africa’, as we explore Africa from North to South, our AWF Expedition Host Craig Sholley will introduce us to the latest conservation and community efforts in Africa. During this incredible jet expedition, you can learn firsthand from AWF’s field experts and policymakers about wildlife corridors and protected area expansions, conservation education and youth engagement strategies, Wildlife Law Enforcement and Canines for Conservation programs, enterprise investments, and much more.

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