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African Wildlife Foundation - Conserving, Protecting, Empowering Video

by Bushtracks Expeditions
February 25, 2014

African Wildlife Foundation - Conserving, Protecting, Empowering


Bushtracks Expeditions is a proud member of AWF, African Wildlife Foundation. Our travelers and AWF members understand that Africa is home to certain species that are facing extinction, including mountain gorillas and Grevy’s zebras. By putting safeguards in place like training rangers, using sniffer dogs, and empowering communities, we’re helping to ensure all of Africa’s wildlife survives.

Critical to protecting Africa’s wildlife are the local people. Sharing the land, often alongside each other, can lead to struggles for resources and deforestation. If people and wildlife learn to live together—inside and outside of protected areas—the future for all will thrive. Spread the word. Get involved.

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