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New For 2017: A Private Jet Expedition to South America

by David Tett
February 23, 2016

Torres del Paine National Park

If your first reaction is, "Doesn't Bushtracks only do African safaris?" our latest private jet expedition, scheduled for March 4-20, 2017, may come as a (really wonderful) surprise to you.

Bushtracks may be known for our reputation as Africa experts,  but we've also been leading private jet expeditions to South America for individuals and institutions since 2004, and we are thrilled to host this exclusive program with highly regarded Chilean naturalist, author, and expedition leader, Claudio Vidal. 

A Jet Chartered for Our Group Only

A journey of this scope within a 17-day window is only made possible through the use of a private jet, chartered for our group of 40 guests, our experienced expedition team, and our flight crew. In addition to delivering a secure, first-class experience for our guests, the plane flies only by day, so magificent views -- like the one pictured below of Grey Glacier in Patagonia -- unfold on every flight.

Glacier Grey from a Plane Chile, credit Alamy

On this private jet expedition we'll explore the massive western board of South America from the Amazonian rainforest, to the high Atacama Desert, soaring over icecaps, fjords, and Andean peaks, as we make our way southward to Tierra del Fuego. This is a journey which is at once broad in scope, but meticulously detailed in its array of wildlife encounters, hiking and boating activities, striking landscapes, cultural exchanges, and South American food and wines.


Varied Experiences in Diverse Settings

As with all of our signature Private Jet programs, I am thrilled to be accompanying our guests on the entire journey. Over the course of our 17 days together, we will:

  • Cruise along Amazonian rivers in search of giant otters, toucans, macaws and howler monkeys
  • Take in sunsets in the multi-colored, sculptured desertscapes of one of the driest places on earth
  • Work side-by-side blending wine with a renowned Argentinian winemaker in Mendoza
  • Visit UNESCO-recognized wooden churches from the 18th century on windswept Chiloe Island
  • Track pumas in Patagonia surrounded by rocky, rugged peaks
  • Photograph colorful king penguins in Tierra del Fuego
Rainforest canopy walk, Tambopata, Reserva Amazonica Lodge

Five Star Destination Lodges

And in the evenings we’ll reflect on the day’s adventures in boutique properties which have been hand-picked for their award-winning architecture, fine dining, and, not least, soaring windows that frame the wild beauty, and the sunlit, long days that are the hallmarks of a Patagonian summer. These destination lodges vary in their settings, but all share a genuine South American hospitality, offer first-class amenities and follow environmentally-responsible practices. 

Remota Lodge Puerto Natales

Photographers to Foodies, Wildlife-lovers to Wine Enthusiasts 

It would be hard to find a special interest that is not covered on this remarkable private jet expedition. However, there will also be time to unwind and enjoy the pool or spa, and gather with your fellow travelers for great conversations at the end of the day.  For over 25 years, we've been proud to deliver "Adventure by Day, Luxury by Night" to our travelers, and this Peru to Patagonia private jet expedition promises to do just that. I hope you will join me.

Tierra del Fuego King Penguins, credit Krystyna Szulecka Alamy

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