African Travel Reviews - In Our Traveler's Words Brochure

By Liz Donahey | Jan 09


In Our Traveler's Words Brochure

From the beginner to expert African Safari traveler, learn about our past travelers' experiences and impressions by downloading your free brochure here http://www.bushtracks.com/docs/WordsBrochure/index.html

“The magic of Africa brought out the best in all of us.
My birthday is one I'll never forget.”
- Jack & Barbara Reding family safari.

Topics: Planning, Tips, and Tools

AUTHOR BIO | Liz Donahey

Formerly Bushtracks' Digital Marketing Manager Liz helped travelers navigate the often complex landscape of African travel by keeping www.bushtracks.com up to date and creating online communities where returning Bushtracks travelers can continue their adventures by learning more about Africa and connecting with others who love all things African.

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In Our Travelers' Words

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