Space is filling up on Western Africa by Private Air

By Liz Donahey | Feb 21

Space is filling up on Western Africa by Private Air

Reserve Your Space NOw For Our Across Western Africa by Private Air Safari in 2015


Time is running out if you are hoping to join Across Western Africa by Private Air exploring some of the Earth’s wildest places in the expansive Namib Desert, the Great African Rainforest, and along the West Coast of Africa. The journey begins January 13, 2015, taking 16 days to expose 12 travelers to wild life and wild places visited by only the fortunate few.

Top 10 Reasons You Cannot Miss this Once in a Lifetime Trip

  1. 12 Travelers only plus 1 dedicated South African Expedition Leader with 18 years of experience equals attention to your every comfort plus valuable perspective at each stop and everywhere in between.

  2. Bushtracks owners and founders David and Carolyn Tett will join you as your hosts in Etosha National Park in Namibia sharing their perspective on one of their favorite places in Africa.

  3. Private planes and a private jet link Africa’s wildest places in a comfortable, seamless journey: Sossusvlei, the Hartmann Valley, and Etosha National Park in Namibia; and Brazzaville and the Odzala National Park in the Congo Basin.

  4. A wide range of guided wildlife encounters in diverse habitats: from walks to spot desert-adapted wildlife in the Namib, to classic game drives in search of lions, zebra, wildebeest, and elephants, to gorilla tracking in the rainforest.

  5. Expert encounters at every stop: you will be introduced to and learn from experts who have made a significant contribution to the people, the wildlife, eco-tourism, and conservation in Africa.

  6. Low level flights during the day allow you to get a bird’s eye view of Western Africa’s giant red dunes, sparkling blue waters, savannas, lush green rainforests and remote Himba villages.

  7. Stay in carefully selected,  intimate luxury camps and lodges that integrate into their surroundings, with touches like private plunge pools, rooftop “skybeds,” stunning views and a balance of private retreats and communal fire pits for gathering to share stories at day’s end.

  8. Some safaris are all about the vehicle, but this isn’t one of them. Stretch your legs on guided walks in the desert, hiking to clearings in the rainforest, and seeking out gorillas in thick jungle foliage.

  9. See endangered Western Lowland Gorillas at Odzala with skilled local trackers who are able to interpret and follow signs on the forest floor.

  10. Visit a Himba settlement, and meet some of the last true nomadic people in Africa whose centuries-old pastoral lifestyle has been sustained in one of the most extreme environments on earth.


To learn more download our Across Western Africa by Private Air ebrochure or request a print brochure.

AUTHOR BIO | Liz Donahey

Liz is Bushtracks' Digital Marketing Manager. Like an online safari guide, Liz, helps travelers navigate the often complex landscape of African travel by keeping www.bushtracks.com up to date and creating online communities where returning Bushtracks travelers can continue their adventures by learning more about Africa and connecting with others who love all things African. When she’s not busy blogging about the latest goings-on in Kenya or Zambia, you’ll find Liz enjoying the company of her three little girls, husband and kennel of golden retrievers. Prior to joining Bushtracks in 2013, Liz spent the last decade exploring the uncharted terrain of digital marketing and information technology, creating online marketing roadmaps and platforms, and teaching part time as an Assistant Professor at Dominican University of California.

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