So Why Go To Africa?

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So Why Go To Africa?

For over 20 years we have passionately presented the idea of traveling to Africa, and described our safaris in a thousand ways. At Bushtracks, we know, without a doubt, it is a priceless experience because we were born and raised there. But Africa’s magic is hard to convey, particularly to those who have never been. So we turned to some of our travelers to see how they feel about their luxury African safari travel experiences, and why they decided to go.

Many of them have been to Africa twice with us. Some have returned there 3 or 4 times, and one couple has been to Africa 13 times with Bushtracks and done our Cape to Casablanca private air safari twice! At the end of the day our travelers are most qualified to describe the African luxury safari experience, and they certainly say it best.

Please click on their names below to read their stories:

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In Our Travelers' Words

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