Best African Safaris for Families - 3 Major Life Events that Prompt a Family Vacation

By | Nov 19

Best African Safaris for Families - 3 Major Life Events that Prompt a Family Vacation

Bushtracks Expeditions, Healdsburg, CA - Elizabeth Donahey - Nov. 19, 2013

Bianchi 22

"When we were originally planning our trip, we were hesitant about bringing the kids, in part because they were just 5 and 8 years old. Halfway through the trip, we realized that we would have been devastated to have been enjoying these experiences without kids."
- Tracy Bianchi and Tito Bianchi with Sydney and Jacob (shown right-side, front)


Pivotal Changes Prompt a Family Trip to Africa Together

Your little girl just said “I Do.” Your son waved from the window of his college dorm room. Grandma is not as active as she once was. Life events like these can inspire that once in a lifetime trip together while there is still the time. If you are like many of our past travelers, those precious family moments were made even more fantastic and memorable with a dream Safari in Africa.

"My sister and I have traveled the world together since we were kids. There are no continents we haven't touched. My first time in Africa with Bushtracks was so...life changing, I vowed to return with my family as soon as possible. I wanted my daughter to see and feel it as I did." - Ellyna Berglund, Bushtracks past traveler

1. Go Before They Venture Off to College

Their bags are packed. Class schedules set. Their childhood room is empty. You say good-bye with happy tears. Taking the time to travel together for the last time as a family before they spread their wings is bittersweet but can be full of joyful memories made on a dream Safari vacation with your family and extended family members to countries you may have only read in a book or seen in movie but have wanted to experience in person. Bushtracks Expeditions brings that dream and idea to life with our family safari packages.

2. Go Before Your Baby Becomes a Bride

She’s wearing the engagement ring, and next summer's wedding details are in full motion. Set choosing the color of the napkins aside and think about giving your daughter lasting memories with her childhood family one last time before she embarks on her new life adventure. Leave the formal wedding-wear behind for now, and instead pack your bags with some comfortable safari clothes and enjoy an exciting active time together filled with hiking, boating, fishing, game drives and walks, snorkeling and even chimpanzee and gorilla trekking!

3. Go While You Are Still Active -
Strengthening the Grandchildren Bond

It can get harder get the kids' attention as you compete for their attention with any number of digital devices, sports, and other family activities, - and growing circle of friends. However difficult it may be for parents to connect with their teenage children at times, it can be even harder for grandparents to relate to their grandchildren at times. It can be even harder for aging grandparents to relate to their grandchildren so having a dedicated time during a family vacation is very important. Taking a multi-generational trip to Africa is a great way to reconnect the generations with sharing experiences that transcend age and create timeless memories. Nothing on the "small screen" compares to the great African wildlife, people and places they will see while traveling on an African safari. Your grandchild may make first ever cultural connections during a visit to a local school in Zambia or Botswana. Eyes will light up while horseback riding and seeing the zebras race by. Safaris can be designed to suit the distinct needs of everyone in your group with as much active time balanced with leisure time as desired. Among our top African Safaris, here are a few ideal safaris ideal for families.

Bushtracks' Best Safaris for Multi-Generational Families

Southern Africa makes it easy for your family to not just see Africa, but to smell, touch and feel Africa with walking safaris, canoe trips and off-road game drives to get you up close to what you’ve come to see. Eastern Africa is a safari powerhouse, with the life and death drama of the Great Migration as well as poignant primate encounters in Uganda, Rwanda and western Tanzania. The rest of our African safari destinations offer unique opportunities to immerse yourself in exotic cultures, spot creatures that few ever see, and get off the beaten path for a truly wild adventure.

Serengeti Migration
Watching the Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania

Serengeti Migration Safari Trip for Families

You won’t be the only one following millions of wildebeest and zebra. Predators can’t resist such a giant gathering of their prey. The drama of survival will play out before your eyes with lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild digs and hyenas playing the main roles. Living their own life dramas, elephants, baboons, bushbabies, giraffes, aardvarks and a huge variety of other animals support one of the best wildlife adventures on earth.


The Best of South Africa & Botswana

Another safari we highly recommend to our families is our South Africa Botswana Best. Families who travel this itinerary are consistently thrilled with their experience. The diversity of game-viewing habitats makes for a particularly inspiring safari. MalaMala Camp is one of our favorite places in all of Africa. The wildlife is abundant and the camp staff has a talent for creating the perfect atmosphere in which to experience nature in comfort. Victoria Falls is indescribable. It is a must-see stop on any trip to Southern Africa. The Okavango Delta has become one of the top safari destinations in Africa. This inland river delta is a huge wildlife draw, with wetlands, dry savanna and wild animals beyond belief.

We’re looking forward to planning your perfect family safari hearing.

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